Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technical Checklist when hiring an aerial mapping professional

Some technical things to make sure you are getting from your aerial mapping professional include the following:

  • Proof of certifications of project managers or responsible professionals
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Exacting scope of work for project, including identification of project datum’s, work area, accuracy requirements, metadata and related documentation
  • Aero-triangulation and survey control reports, network adjustment etc.
  • Camera, lens, sensor and equipment calibration reports, as well as serial numbers of equipment used, and technical flight data
  • Trajectory reports for airborne IMU/GNSS data
  • Statement of conformance to accuracy standards, whether they are client generated, or nationally accepted standards.
  • Deliverables and data, including contact prints, digital orthophotos and other files, as well as PDF or hard copies of drawings
  • Proof of surveying methodologies, including equipment used, control ties, control point datasheets, control diagrams and reference ties, photographs for measurement point confirmation and placement of markers at the point of observation for QA/QC follow up observations

Expand the services requested

Finally, don’t be afraid to expand the services requested. Our staff includes personnel that bring special skills to the table, including compiling data in AutoCAD, MicroStation, and proprietary GIS formats. On the surface, an engineer may need hard data for his design, but much of the data that is collected during a mapping project is directly usable in a GIS database. Utility mark-out can now easily be seen in our imagery when it is planned for, and the ability to mine our imagery and LiDAR datasets for additional information is not widely appreciated.

Contact AXIS today for any of the above on your next aerial mapping project.