Monday, August 19, 2013

Field QA/QC Process

As a routine process of a project, Axis calls upon its in house survey team to not only provide precise and accurate survey control for photogrammetric and airborne LiDAR data sets, but to also provide the true analysis and cross checking of those datasets. 

Once a project has been controlled and adjusted to the ground and appropriate project datum’s, additional points of interest are identified, typically by project geometry or guided by project specifications requiring checks in different ground cover classifications. This last method involves identifying land cover and use classifications, such as wetlands, deciduous or coniferous wooded areas, cultivated areas or residential areas and then gathering specific data points in those areas to assess and verify that the location and elevation data represented by the airborne dataset is correct. This procedure involves establishing GNSS control, and then precision stakeout of a point of interest to verify its three-dimensional location.

Documentation of this process includes gathering metadata that will show measurement details, control ties, conventional photographic evidence of the general area, as well as through the scope of the instrument to prove aiming accuracy. Through the scope photographs are directly linked to a point of measurement, and include the display of the instrument crosshairs as they are pointed at the prism or point of measurement.

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