Wednesday, May 21, 2014

National Building Safety Month

A Presidential proclamation has declared the month of May National Building Safety Month. During National Building Safety Month, we celebrate all the dedicated professionals who keep our buildings secure, protect our environment and maintain disaster resistant, energy-efficient infrastructure.

Using remote sensing technologies such as Imagery, LiDAR & other geospatial datasets, AXIS is measuring buildings in a single pulse.  Creating point cloud datasets with a wealth of spatial features useful in decision making, AXIS can provide building outlines for example.  These datasets can assist with 3D building reconstruction; analyzing rooftops of appropriate size for solar panel installation and more.

Aerial LiDAR surveys allow for large areas to be covered quickly, resulting in time and cost savings over traditional methods. LiDAR data is easily processed to extract features, create orthoimagery and digital elevation models, to better assess the true risks for your planning & design projects.

Facility Managers can use 3D building models to see the big picture in order to begin construction remodeling, capital improvements, meet legislative mandates and regulations.  From storm water runoff to building accessibility spatial feature datasets can assist in your facility management efforts.

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