Tuesday, July 14, 2015

AXIS Provides Campus Mapping to local University

AXIS recently provided planimetric mapping services to the University of Delaware for the entire campus.  This data will be used to manage infrastructure, buildings, utilities, land use and planning.  In addition the planimetric source data will be used for stormwater sewer modeling updates.
University of Delaware LiDAR
  • Airborne HD-LiDAR & Imagery Acquisition
  • HD-LiDAR Collection @ ~4.7 ppsm point density; RGB Color Stereo Imagery Collection at .24′ GSD pixel resolution; AGPS/IMU Processing; Initial Raw Data Processing
  • Ground Control Survey
  • Aerotriangulation
  • LiDAR Processing for Strip-Adjustments; Classification and QA/QC
  • Digital Ortho Processing for TRUE COLOR Digital OrthoImage Tiles with a pixel resolution of 0.25′
  • Project Management
  • QA/QC
  • 1″=40′ Planimetric Feature Extraction and DTM Finalization
  • 40’ scale Planimetrics, DTM data and 1′ Topography in  AutoCAD and Geodatabase file format adhering to AXIS’ CADD STANDARDS
  • TRUE COLOR Digital OrthoImages in TIFF/TFW format
For more information on AXIS campus surveying services please visit Campus Services or Contact Us.