Monday, September 16, 2013

QA/QC Philosophy not words!

Suppose you are about to – or already have – contracted with a reputable and qualified Geospatial Data Provider on a large project. Is your organization knowledgeable, experienced or capable of reviewing or managing such a complex endeavor? 
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have both human & system resources required to review the deliverables when they start streaming in (which they will in mass quantities on large projects)?
  • When the AeroTriangulation reports are delivered, who in your organization will review, understand and approve this vital deliverable?
  • Will you just simply trust your mapping contractor because they claim ‘…we guarantee the results’?
  • Do you understand that you may not see the gross errors in the final data until months or years down the road when you and other agencies are using the data?
  • Where will your mapping contractor be then? Will they still be there to fix the data?
  • Will there be litigation in order to correct and resolve the errors?
  • Will you be pointed out as the “failed project manager”?
Don’t manage a project with complex and costly deliverables on your own unless you have the resources to successfully do so. Axis GeoSpatial has certified project managers, certified photogrammetrists and other trained professionals to assist you in managing your geospatial project to a successful and reliable completion.

Not only do we possess the production equipment and expertise, we dedicate QA/QC tools and personnel that specialize in Quality Assurance. Because we understand all aspects of geospatial production including common errors and omissions, Axis can more easily and reliably identify issues and further communicate more effectively and cooperatively with your mapping contractor. We also can do it in a timely manner thereby mitigating scope creep and scheduling delays.

Get the second opinion – view the quality of your GeoSpatial Data through our eyes.

Contact Us to discuss an independent QA/QC report on your next project.