Monday, April 25, 2016

Why do I need LiDAR?

One of the hotest topics in the industry today is around LiDAR and UAV's of course but that's a topic for another day.  HD-LiDAR is gaining popularity in many applications today and is changing the way mapping is done.

For example, the vertical accuracies are higher than what you can get from comparable Photogrammetry.  You can get a much more accurate and dense terrain model.  You can get an accurate depiction of vegetation canopy and more detail within the hydrography network.  You can pull a cross-section anywhere within the data.  LiDAR can be used to study vegetation.  All of these capabilities/possibilities reduce costs in the overall project downstream.

What are some of the benefits of having high definition LiDAR data?
With a LiDAR scan you are able to model any existing conditions at a level of detail that can not be achieved through any other surveying methods.  Additional benefits include:
  • Faster acquisition and processing - unclassified point cloud data within 24-48 hours of flight
  • Additional data - obtain highly accurate and precise elevation data for digital terrain modeling of the ground surface, as well as information on buildings, trees, power lines and everything else that the laser hits.  Automated 3D polygons of building structures for example.  Color imagery is also obtained at the same time within the same flight saving time and money.
  • Cost - when considering the speed, accuracy and density of the data the overall project costs are significantly reduced.  There are reduced ground based survey requirements also. For example, there is no need to shut down a highway or rail corridor for surveying.
Each project is different and depending on many factors such as location, size of area, terrain and your data  requirements will determine the best technology for your needs.  In regards to LiDAR it could be airborne, mobile and/or terrestrial depending on the application.

To learn more or discuss a current project you have contact us today and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.