Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Surveying busy, complex rail corridors with Hi-Definition LiDAR

We receive various questions regarding survey of rail corridors.  Depending on the project application and what the overall project goal is will determine the best method of obtaining the survey data needed for design and maintenance of the corridor.

Mapping assets such as road signs or railway furniture is an essential way for many industries to record and maintain their assets. By using high definition LiDAR (HD-LiDAR) AXIS can map assets without imposing the danger or inconvenience of site visits. In addition there are no train delays to perform the survey.

With this data you can easily:
  • Modify track networks to facilitate faster & more efficient movement of trains
  • Obtain detailed surveys of the top of rail and overhead catenary and transmission lines for the design
  • Determine suitability of surface material for support of additional tracks 
  • Monitor existing drainage pattern along the track bed
  • Monitor vegetation to prevent fire hazards and allow for clear visibility
In addition you can obtain timely information on building proximity for rail corridor design.  HD-LiDAR survey data can be processed and delivered in various platforms such as AutoCAD, Microstation, ArcGIS and more. 

Just recently we provided Airborne & Mobile LiDAR and mapping in support of a local tunnel replacement project.  After evaluating the project requirements we felt this was the best option to fuse the two technologies, providing the client with a Hi-Definition 3D model. Utilizing final classified LAS files we were able to identify and digitize planimetric data for top and bottom of rail, catenary wires and tunnel portal openings features.

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