Monday, August 28, 2017

The Talbot County Chamber Names AXIS GeoSpatial Large Business of the Year

Easton, Maryland – AXIS GeoSpatial received the large business of the year award during the 2017 Talbot Chamber Business Awards Program at the Inn at Perry Cabin on August 24, 2017.

The Large Business of the Year award is awarded annually by the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, to firms with 25 or more employees and whose contributions to the county’s economy and quality of life are particularly noteworthy.  AXIS has ‘staying power’ in Easton Maryland for the past 16 years and continues growth, providing jobs to the local community and actively supporting community activities.

As a local company here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, AXIS and their team of Maryland companies were selected by the State of Maryland to provide digital, high-resolution aerial imagery for Maryland to use in Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems located in Emergency 911 centers and in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and currently has the statewide contract from 2014-2019.

AXIS fleet of aircraft combined with the latest camera and LIDAR sensor technology provides clients with hi-definition survey and mapping data to support a variety of applications such as, emergency management, public works, planning and zoning, transportation assessment, homeland security, forestry, environmental needs and more.

In 2015, AXIS experienced continued revenue and profitability growth within land surveying and airborne acquisition divisions. This growth in sales between 2014 -2015 led to a 38% growth in hiring local employees. In 2016 AXIS purchased the Riegl LMS-Q1560 dual LiDAR channel airborne laser scanning system, and became the first U.S. based commercial firm to own this sensor, adding to their LiDAR and camera system fleet. Armed with the latest technology, AXIS growth plans include doubling current revenue by 2019 and an additional 50% growth by 2021. With these plans for continued growth and expansion, AXIS recently acquired 11,000 square feet of new office space in the Talbot Commerce Park.

Justin Lahman, President and CEO of AXIS said, “Born and raised in Talbot County, I’m honored to receive this award. This would not have possible without my business partner Dave Rorrer, the support of our families, the hard work and dedication from our staff and Shore United Bank.  Without their financial support since the beginning, it would've been very difficult (if not impossible) to grow to our current state.”

About AXIS Geospatial:
Founded in 2001, AXIS GeoSpatial LLC, a national geocapture firm, employs innovative remote-sensing and measurement technologies to capture geospatial data for integration into civil engineering, land surveying and GIS applications. AXIS is headquartered in Easton, Maryland with additional locations in Colorado, Delaware & New Jersey. During the past 15 years, AXIS has applied extensive, proven experience in producing high quality aerial imagery, LiDAR, CADD, GIS and other related geospatial datasets for civil engineering and government clients throughout the US and abroad.  For more information visit, join us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter @axisgeospatial.

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