Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi-Definition LiDAR: Coastal Projects to Consider

An increasing number of environmental engineering firms need standardized high-quality spatial information across various terrain to aid in environmental planning and design activities as well as to assess their impact.  Precise mapping of both elevation and vegetation dissemination's in salt marshes is imperative for conservation objectives.
Surface model
Over the past several years, AXIS has been providing clients with data fusion services using HD-LiDAR (airborne), terrestrial LiDAR, bathymetric and other land surveying services to meet clients objectives and project goals for various saltwater marshes and marina dredging projects.

HD-LiDAR 3D Point Cloud

Applications include:
  • Beach studies
  • Beaches mapped quickly at .05’ vertical
  • Mitigates the need for ground-surveyed profiles
  • Processed easily with in days of flight; not weeks
  • HD-LiDAR profiles every 1’ along the beach
  • Frequent monitoring for volumetric change-detection
  • Rapid post-storm analysis
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