Monday, March 28, 2016

Hi-Definition LiDAR Projects to Consider - Facilities

Clients using AXIS' HD-LIDAR technology are able to efficiently configure and design their campus projects and maintain their facilities.  With this entire landscapes are captured, surveyed, measured and mapped.  Obtaining design-scale CADD data, facility managers can plan for growth, expansion, construction and more.

From urban areas, developments, campuses and facilities, some of the benefits we have achieved include: 
  • Overhead structures mapped by HD-LiDAR
  • HD-LiDAR isn’t hindered by shadows or above-ground vegetation
  • Human digitizing hours significantly reduced; lowers costs
  • More mapping detail available for analysis to your client and you
  • Vertical accuracy of laser shots on hard surfaces will be .05’ - .1’; stereo imagery and pointcloud supports planimetric collection
Our clients who have used it now ask for it as a standard. We recently provided a client with street centerlines and sidewalk slopes calculated to a detail to assist in defining ADA accessibility for example.

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