Friday, February 24, 2017

Introducing the latest aircraft for surveying & mapping. From AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

Flying season is in full swing as AXIS adds a Piper Navajo for aerial surveying projects. Adding this aircraft to our fleet allows us to support aerial surveying and mapping project nationwide.

This was a good combination for AXIS as it’s fast enough for aerial imagery collection and also can be flown slower to allow for higher density LiDAR collection. In addition, the twin engine aircraft provides an extra level of safety allowing us to fly at low altitudes over urban areas or places where there are no airports to land if engine failure. 

Using aircraft equipped with remote sensing technologies, AXIS acquires, processes and delivers application-specific, high-resolution, high-accuracy geospatial data to both Government and Private Industry clients. to discuss your next aerial survey project.

to discuss your aerial photography needs.

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