Monday, October 21, 2013

Haunted by surveying challenges for your active railroad site that contains multiple rail lines?

One of our clients recently had a new transit station project in which the engineering team needed detailed surveys for the design project.  Traditional surveying methods would have involved months of preparation, many railroad safety flaggers and would have resulted in higher costs to the client. 

In just one pass of our aircraft, AXIS was able to map an area with a ground point density of approximately 30 to 40 points per square yard; locating power lines, poles, rail lines, buildings, pipes, curbs, vegetation canopy, overpass/bridge clearances and every other landscape feature within the aircraft’s mapping swath.  The landscape and terrain are mapped with what is called a “Point-Cloud” rather than the traditional CADD-Only map format.

Field surveyors were kept out of harm’s way and the project received mapping information unachievable by any other technological means in a fraction of the time of traditional surveying and mapping methods. This detailed survey was completed in half the time, surpassing traditional surveying methods.  

HD-LiDAR kept land surveyors from having to navigate an active railroad and rail yard, accelerated the schedule by avoiding months of approvals for access by the rail authority and delivered a new type of mapping data the engineers would have never received otherwise.

Visit to view some of our recent transportation mapping solutions for design & monitoring projects. Let’s discuss your project goals, objectives, budget and schedule to determine if HD-LiDAR technology is right for your project.  

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